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Trevor Dominy

PDGA #74823




In 2016 I headed off to college with my mind more set on competing in the NCAA than on disc golf. I had gotten a scholarship to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level for Charleston Southern University, and disc golf was not my main focus. This change of priorities lasted for the entirety of the five years of my college experience. While I was not competing on the course I was still playing casually with friends and my love for the game never died out. Upon graduation and my career as a track and field athlete coming to a conclusion, I decided I would rekindle the fire for the game I was once so passionate about. 

Since then I have started practicing regularly and took down my first PDGA C-Tier, The Wooded Warriors, with an event average rating of 1013. Disc Golf has now become my competitive outlet which was once track and field, and I am looking forward to competing in as many tournaments as I can and improving my rating to 1000+ by the end of 2021.

My Disc GOlf Journey

I was first introduced to the game of disc golf in 2012 by my cousin’s boyfriend. After years of playing ultimate frisbee, the game of disc golf came very naturally for me. I was instantly enthralled by the sport and started buying my own discs whenever I could. Upon moving to Virginia and having more local courses, I played regularly and started to improve my game. Two years passed and I entered my first tournament. I ended up winning this tournament at just 16 years old and also taking three of the four CTPs. I’m sure all the players were thrilled to see a young kid walk away with nearly all of the prizes. After this, the itch for competing on the course didn’t go away. I purchased a PDGA membership (#74823) and in the summer of 2015 competed in my first PDGA sanctioned B-Tier event. Things didn’t go as planned in this one and I finished 11th in the field.


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TOurnament Results


The Appalachia Open

  • August 7th
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Place: 3rd
  • Average Rating: 968

BRDGT – Virginia Commonwealth Games

  • July 24th
  • Lynchburg, VA
  • Place: 12
  • Average Rating: 962

Anhyzers for Alzheimer’s Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

  • July 17th
  • Dublin, VA
  • Place: 2nd
  • Average Rating 989

Wooded Warriors

  • July 3rd
  • Lexington, KY
  • Place: 1st
  • Average Rating 1013

Wannamaker League

  • Jan-Mar
  • Charleston, SC
  • Place: 2nd
  • Average Rating 943



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