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Want to collaborate on making a video or have a passion for film and want to help the channel? Contact me below!

The Start

While most of my videos center around running, I am also interested in filming just about anything that would be entertaining to my audience. I have been making videos since 2009 when my friend Jake and I started making basketball trick-shot videos. After taking a class in middle school where we learned Final Cut Pro, I transitioned to using Sony Vegas pro for the next few years to edit my videos. I am currently in the process of learning Adobe Premier but am very familiar with nearly all editors as I have jumped around to many different programs.


Having trouble making thumbnails for your own videos? I would be happy to help! Check out the graphic design work I have done and if you are interested contact me below! 

2021 Documentaries

The 2021 CSU team documentary is finally here! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out on my channel. Thanks so much to everyone who helped in the recording of the one-hour film. 

Video Editing/ Filming 

Need help filming or editing content professionally or even just for your own YouTube channel? Contact me below for inquiries and pricing.